We bring together more than 3,000 local and state-level partners committed to strengthening children and families so they can learn from their peers, share resources, and replicate best practices.
We also represent and promote the work of Georgia Family Connection, a strong, unified statewide network—the only one of its kind in the nation—that improves local decision making rooted in community priorities. The collaborative organizations in this network, which branches out into all 159 counties in Georgia, are committed to improving the quality of life in their communities.

At the local level
We support Georgia Family Connection by providing expertise in planning and governance to the network. We also set standards of excellence and help local collaborative organizations evaluate their progress in addressing the challenges in their communities by bringing together:

  • representatives and leaders from state agencies
  • civic groups, local businesses, faith community
  • elected officials
  • and concerned citizens


At the state level

We represent the Family Connection network to statewide and national partners by sharing the successes that emerge from the collaborative organizations’ work. For instance, we’ve found that while the teen pregnancy rate has declined in Georgia, the rate of decline was faster in counties where collaborative organizations directly addressed it in their plans.
The state’s designated KIDS COUNT grantee, we also provide state agencies and policymakers at all levels with current, reliable data they need to inform their decisions about priorities, services, and resources that impact Georgia’s families. Our value is in synthesizing and interpreting data into customized information and tools specific to our partners’ needs.
If we continue to work together in communities, identify gaps in and streamline services, and share resources, children will be healthier and succeed in school, their families will become more stable and self-sufficient, and Georgia will thrive as a result.

What We Provide

Knowledge and expertise that we’ve developed during the past 20 years working in communities with Georgia Family Connection:

  • community collaboration
  • strategic planning and strategy development
  • technical assistance and training
  • data-driven decision-making
  • research and evaluation